Web and FTP stats are usually available in the standard website hosting service. They'll tell you how your websites behave with regards to popularity and visits, which will help you boost numerous sections or change an advertising campaign. There are various programs via which you can keep an eye on the traffic to a site and while some of them are more specific, there's a standard amount of data that they all present. This includes the daily and the monthly visits, the referrer - i.e. if the visits came directly or from a third-party Internet site, the most visited webpages, and so on. This type of data can offer you an idea of where most of the targeted traffic comes from or which webpages are more well-liked, to help you take measures and improve the content on the other pages or start marketing differently, so as to increase the number of visitors and the time they stay on the Internet site. Consequently, this will permit you to increase your profits.

Web & FTP Statistics in Web Hosting

The web stats that we shall provide you with are really comprehensive and will provide you with all the info you will require with regards to the traffic to your sites. Using the Hepsia CP, which comes with our web hosting accounts, you have access to two different applications - AWStats and Webalizer, in order to get a better perception of how the Internet sites are performing. The statistics are by the hour, day-to-day and monthly and provide quite a lot of info - how much traffic is produced by real people and what amount by bots or search engines, where the visitors have come from and if they're new, the most downloaded information, the visitors’ IP addresses, etc. This information is viewable in graphs and tables and you can save it if you need to make a report about the overall performance of any site, for instance. An in-house created software tool will also show you the website visitors and their countries live.

Web & FTP Statistics in Semi-dedicated Hosting

If you open a semi-dedicated server account with us, you will get 2 applications that will permit you to view in depth reports of the whole incoming website traffic. Webalizer and AWStats can be accessed with several mouse clicks from the Hepsia hosting Control Panel and they'll offer you information not only about the number of visitors on a per hour, everyday and month-to-month basis, but also concerning the search engines they came from, the keywords they were looking for, the hottest landing and exit webpages, the length of the visits and much, much more. The info, which will be presented with the help of practical downloadable charts and tables, shall help you identify which elements of your websites do not perform very well. You may then improve their content or modify your advertising strategies to get more traffic to them, which in turn shall bring more visitors and potential customers.